Aleko 3KW 3000 Wind Turbine Review

Overview of the Aleko 3KW 3000

ALEKO WG3KW 3KW 3000 Watt Residential Wind Generator 3000WThe ALEKO 3KW 3000 Watt Residential Wind Generator is a wind turbine designed to generate maximum 3,000 watt power at a start-up wind speed of 450 rpm. The rotor of this wind turbine is 3.2 meters in diameter and its blades are made of fiber glass. The unit on sale includes a rotor, blades, tail vane, magnet generator and hardware.

We asked three respondents who have this turbine to evaluate product. They gave us repsonses according to their personal experience and we will also provide our own evaluation of the product.

About the manufacturer/distributor

This product is manufactured and distributed by ALEKO Green Energy, a leader in the renewable energy industry. It produces and distributes green energy products such as solar powers, wind turbines, inverters, charge controllers. It also supplies solar garden, lawn and security products including gate openers, floor heating and solar string lights. ALEKO is a private company founded in 2010 and based in Seattle, Washington.

Product specs

* Output Voltage: 72 Volts. Maximum output: 3000 Watts
* Working wind speed: 3~25 Meters per Second. Rotor diameter: 3.2 Meter
* Rated RPM: 450 r/m. Start-up wind speed: 3 Meters per Second
* Speed regulation method: Mechanical Yawing+ Electromagnetic Brake
* Blade material: fiber glass

Reviews from our Respondents

“This is a product of superior quality. I bought a small spread in Hamilton County, Kansas when I retired a year ago. I started developing my property late last year, and I bought one of these wind turbines that are becoming very popular so that I won’t depend on the grid for power. This Aleko solar panel was recommended by one of my neighbors in the area, and I can’t thank him enough for the recommendation. My area is windy almost all year round, the perfect place for a wind turbine, especially one like this ALEKO wind generator that makes good its promise. Together with my battery bank, my wind turbine is able to provide electricity, not only for my tiny cabin but for the water pump, the two gates to my property and other electrical devices. For its price, it’s worth it although I had to spend a bit more to have it installed.” – Jason

“I just had this wind turbine for over 6 months, but I can by now see the difference it makes on my electric bill. In San Diego where I live, there are several of us who rely on wind turbine for some of our power needs. This Aleko wind generator consistently delivers power day and night and keeps my battery bank fully charged at all times.” – Scott

“This Aleko wind turbine is a top performer and easy to use too. I’m new to wind turbines, but with my limited knowledge, I can say that this product truly delivers. “ – Jody

Our Review and Final Verdict

The ALEKO WG3KW 3KW 3000 Watt Residential Wind Generator 3000W is a top-quality wind generator that delivers what it promises, a maximum 3000watt or 3KW of wind power at a maximum wind speed of 450rpm.

We give this product an overall grade of 4.5-stars.


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