West Texas to get the largest wind farm in the US

West Texas to get the largest wind farm in the USThere is a proposal from a wind power developer from Dallas to put up at least 650 wind turbines in 190 square miles at the Texas South Plains.

Hale Community Energy was created by Tri Global Energy LLC as the managing company for the massive wind farm extending to 122,000 acres of land owned or controlled by over 340 owners from Abernathy to almost all of eastern Hale County.

The wind farm complex is expected to be constructed in five phases and will be operational by the middle of 2018. It is estimated that the 500-650 turbines will generate approximately 1,100 megawatts of wind power. This is according to Curtis King, Vice President for Investor Relations of Tri Global.

King also said that the construction will bring plenty of temporary jobs in the region and once it becomes operational, will generate at least 100 permanent jobs that are high paying. This is because wind farms are permanent outfits that will last for a number of generations.

It is expected that the initial 200megawatts will be ready in the later part of 2015 and will be fully completed by the middle of 2018.

Hale Community Energy is also expected to link with two national grids inside the project locale. According to Tri Global officials this is the means to ensure that the urban areas needing renewable power will be reached by wind energy generated by the wind farm.

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