US Government Bolsters its Commitment to Renewables

President Barack Obama ordered the government to triple its renewable energy usage by 2020 because he believes the government should lead by example.

The new directive of the President requires the military and all executive agencies and departments to obtain 205 of its energy requirements from renewable sources as of that date and to lay down goals that should be met for the short-term. This is a considerable increase from an earlier presidential mandate of a 7.5% target which was already attained this year.

Government agencies are now obligated to obtain no lower than 10% of their energy needs from renewable sources in 2015, 15% both for 2016 and 2017, 17.5% for 2018 and 2019, and 20% for 2020 and for every year after that. The offices are directed to attain these goals by either buying renewable energy certificates, buying power from renewable energy suppliers, funding off-site projects, or investing on renewable energy projects on sits owned by the federal government.

According to President Obama federal government agencies have slashed their yearly emission of greenhouse gases by more than 7.8 million tons or by 15 percent since 2009 when he took office.

The directive was embodied in a presidential memorandum that states:

“In order to create a clean energy economy that will increase our nation’s prosperity, promote energy security, combat climate change, protect the interests of taxpayers, and safeguard the health of our environment, the federal government must lead by example.”

The presidential directive also instructed federal agencies to improve the energy effectiveness of their buildings.

On the other hand, the Defense offices have earlier established the agency’s own goal of obtaining 25% of its power requirements from renewable energy by 2025.

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