GudCraft WG1000 1KW 1000W 12 Volt Wind Turbine Residential Commercial Wind Generator


GudCraft WG1000 1KW 1000W 12 Volt Wind Turbine Residential Commercial Wind GeneratoThe GudCraft WG1000 1KW 1000W 12 Volt Wind Turbines Residential Commercial Wind Generator with three blades is the newest design in wind turbines.

This GudCraft wind turbine is expected to generate 1 KW or 1000 Watts of power with a 12-volt output. The package includes a 3-blade wind turbine made of lightweight, weatherproofed cast aluminum; generator; hardware; and specially designed folding tail. The product has a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.

We requested 3 owners of this wind turbine to review this product. They have purchased and used this GudCraft WG1000 1KW 1000W 12 Volt Wind Turbine Residential Commercial Wind Generator and will share their experience with us. We will also add our own evaluation of this wind turbine and will rate it accordingly.

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Product features

*  1000 Watt 12 Volt system uses wind to generate power and run your appliances and electronics
*  Constructed from lightweight, weatherproof cast aluminum
*  Latest 2012 design with 3 new blades
*  Wind turbines include generator, 3 blades, tail and hardware
*  1-Year Warranty

Peer reviews

“I’ve long wanted to get a wind turbine since several of my neighbors have this spinning device on their rooftops, but I must admit I know very little about it. A friend recommended this GudCraft product, and since I trust his judgment, I finally made an order. It was well packaged, arrived promptly and came with a user’s manual which was a real good thing. With the help of my friend, I had the turbine mounted and the generator connected to a 12-volt deep cycle battery. In no time at all, the blades were spinning, but it took a real strong gust of wind before it registered any power. I waited for two days to see if the battery will be fully charged by then, unfortunately even on the 3rd day it was not even half full, only to find out that there was something wrong with the connection of the generator. Thanks to my friend, this was easily corrected, and now the battery is fully charged, and remains charged. It powers 2 light bulbs, my lap top, and a coffee maker in my beach cabin. ”

“This wind turbine supplements two solar panels I’ve installed on my property. All three devices work efficiently to generate power for my ranch house. In fact I even some surplus power flowing back to the main grid. Whether it’s generating 1000 watts or not is not the issue, it is producing power, and I’m happy with it. ”

“If you plan to use this GudCraft WG1000 1KW 1000W 12 Volt Wind Turbine Residential Commercial Wind Generator as a standalone power generator, then you’ll be disappointed. I recommend that you use it as a trickle battery charger instead.”

Our Final Review and Verdict

The GudCraft WG1000 1KW 1000W 12 Volt Wind Turbine Residential Commercial Wind Generator, from the experience of other users aside from our respondents, is operational at a wind speed of around 8 mph, but starts generating power at a steady wind speed of around 30 to 35mph. It actually generates the assured 1 KW or 1000 watt to charge a 12-volt battery pack, but our reviewer is right, this is best as a trickle battery charger or as a add-on to other renewable power generator such as solar panels. For all these reasons, the best rating we can give this wind turbine is a 4-star.


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