Home Wind Turbine 2kw/48V – wind generator for home use

Wind turbines are mechanisms that transform wind energy into electricity. Modern technology allows for the manufacture of wind turbines in a broad range of horizontal and vertical wind turbine types. The smallest wind turbines can be used to generate electricity to charge batteries while large wind turbine fields are used to generate clean and green electricity for commercial use.

Wind power is one of the sources of renewable energy that is plentiful. Since wind turbines are fast becoming a part of everyday life, we decided to devote a site where we will review some of the more popular wind turbines that are available on the market. We will evaluate these wind turbines according to their energy generating capabilities as against its cost. Our respondents who will evaluate these products will come from forum sites we visit frequently. They will rate the product from 1 to 5- star, five being the highest rating.

The first wind turbine product that we will put under the microscope is the Home Wind Turbine 2kw/ 48V – wind generator for home use manufactured by WindMax.

About WindMax

WindMax Green Energy Corporation is a company based in Plano, Texas that manufactures and distributes affordable, premium quality, and sustainable wind turbines. The company is also the leading provider of solar and wind energy solutions.

Product Specs

Technical Specifications:

* Voltage: DC 48v
* Alternator: Direct drive, 3-Phase AC permanent magnet PMA
* Rated Power Output: 2000 watts
* Rated Speed: 400 RPM
* Rated Wind Speed: 9 m/s or 20 mph
* Start-up Wind Speed: 2 m/s or 4.47 mph
* Wind Blades: 3 blades per system
* Blade Material: Reinforced Fiber Glass
* Blade Diameter: 3.2 M (10.6 Feet)
* Minimum Tower Height: 8 Meters/26 Feet and up depending on siting area.
* Pipe Size: 5.5″ or more Diameter galvanized Steel Pipe.
* Recommended Batteries: 8 x 200AH 12V AGM batteries (2 of battery banks, each battery bank has 4 batteries in series).
* Over speed Control: Mechanical furling.


“I must admit I’m a total newbie when it comes to wind turbines, but my son-in-law has been urging me to get one since I live in Arizona where wind is plentiful. He promised to set it up for me. I did buy and he made good his promise. I’ve had this “toy” for 2 months now and I’m satisfied with its performance. I think it produces more power than advertised. My only problem is the vibration, when the wind is real powerful. Maybe more of my son-in-laws fault than the turbine’s. My rating for this turbine is a 4.5 star ” Lenny

“ This turbine 2kw/48v turbine is a blast! For what I paid for it, I think I made a really good purchase. I must say mine doesn’t look very professionally done since I’m no engineer but I think it looks pretty impressive and gives me good energy output too. I give this Home Wind Turbine 2kw/48V – wind generator for home use” 5 stars ” Ted

“ I like this 2kw turbine better than the smaller 1kw turbines for home use. Although it’s bigger, the output is also a lot more than the smaller ones and just what I need, 5 stars for them. ”

It seems that WindMax’s claim about the Home Wind Turbine 2kw/48V – wind generator for home use is an excellent buy is justified. Aside from our respondents we also asked the opinion of some folks who have used the product, and they all seem to agree with WindMax. But, many of them did mention some vibration, so maybe it’s not really the fault of Lenny’s son-in-law. We are rating this product 4.5 out of 5 stars.


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