PowerMax+2KW Wind Turbine for Home and Business Review

PowerMax+2KW Wind Turbine for Home and Business

The PowerMax+2KW Wind Turbine is a generator that produces 2kw of AC power at a wind speed of 20 mph at a start up of 4.5 mph. It can attain a maximum of 2.5Kw with 25 mph. The kit includes a wind turbine generator assembly, 20-foot power cable, and charge controller. Its charge controller converts the AC power to 48volt DC that can charge a 48volt battery back-up system. With the right inverter, the battery bank can produce 120 volt to power appliances. It can be grid-tie or off-grid, and the 120volts can be fed back to the grid.

Just like all our other product reviews, we have three reviewers to share with us their personal experience of this wind turbine. Kate, Jonney and Tim are our reviewers. In addition, we will also provide our own assessment of the attributes of this product and will rate it suitably.

About the manufacturer

This wind turbine for home and business is manufactured and distributed by CMS Magnetics. CMS is an American company that manufactures, distributes and supplies solar panels, wind turbines, wind generator, rare earth magnets, neodymium magnets and other green energy and magnetic products. It has a proven track record, huge warehouse that contains stocks of more than half a million products, and with a centralized location for fast delivery. The company applies meticulous quality control to be able to deliver high quality products. CMS is headquartered in Plano, Texas.

Product specs/features

                    • E listed and ISO 9001 certified. 1 Year Warranty
                    • Start up at 4.5 mph wind speed
                    • Powerful generator produces 2KW at 22 mph wind speed
                    • Rotor Diameter is 12.6 feet. Charge 48v battery bank
                    • Applicable for grid tied or off grid applications

Respondent Reviews

“This wind turbine looks like a toy, but there is nothing toy-like to its performance. Since I had this wind turbine installed and integrated it to the grid by using an inverter, my power bill has been reduced noticeably. Before the integration, I had it as a standalone power generator before tying it to the grid. It started spinning even at a low wind speed but only generated power with a wind speed of 12mph. Once it got started, it got cracking which is no surprise since I live in one of America’s windiest district, Brockton, MA.”  – Kate

“I’m happy with this PowerMax wind turbine, although I needed to pay extra for an inverter to get 120volts from my deep cycle battery bank. It was very easy to set up, and it operates efficiently. I had it installed in my small spread in Billings, Montana.” – Jonney

“I bought this wind turbine because I was fascinated with the ones I saw in my son’s school. My wife said it was a waste of money since her friends who had wind turbines are all complaining about its lack of performance. Now, she advises her friends to switch to this PowerMax+2KW Wind Turbine for Home and Business. It is a performer, and it performs as promised. The power it generates is fed back to the grid, and since we had it our power bill dropped, slowly at first, but surely. The little less than $2,000 I paid for it (after rebate) will have a payback period of only a little over 3 years.” – Tim

Our Review

The PowerMax+2KW Wind Turbine for Home and Business is a low-cost wind power system that can be used in homes, schools and small businesses. It is relatively cheap solutions for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint at the same time reduce their power bill. This wind power generator is a system that works and works efficiently unlike some that are available in the market. Wegive this PowerMax wind turbine a 5-star rating.


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