ALEKO® WG300 12-Volt 6-Blade 300 Watt Wind Generator With Charge Controller

ALEKO® WG300 12-Volt 6-Blade 300 Watt Wind Generator With Charge Controller

This is a good low-start up wind turbine for boats, cabins, home yards, telecommunication towers, advertising signs and more. It has very clean lines and operates quietly and continuously even with only a slight breeze.

The manufacturer promises that his wind generator can charge a 12 volt battery and a maximum of generates 300 watts and that it begins generating wind power at a wind speed of 5mph. To substantiate or invalidate these claims are our reviewers Greg, Warren and Javy. They will give us their opinion with regards the properties of this product and will rate it from 1-star to 5-star. We will also provide you with our own assessment of the wind turbine and will give it our own rating.

About the manufacturer

This wind turbine is manufactured and marketed by ALEKO Green Energy, a notable leader in the renewable energy industry. It is headquartered in Seattle, Washington and was established in 2010. It manufactures and markets renewable energy products such as wind turbines, charge controllers, solar panels, and inverters. it is also a supplier of solar security, lawn and garden products such as solar string lights and gate openers.

Product specs

          • Low wind speed model.
          • This model starts producing the wind energy just from 5 mph wind.
          • This is the latest design with 6 blades.
          • Quiet in operation, Brushless alternator, 360 degree free rotation on the mounting pole
          • Comes with integrated charge controller, instruction manual and 1-year warranty.


I can never recommend this wind turbine. While the blades spin even with the slightest wind, it does not generate the promised 300 watts even when the wind is gusting and it is spinning like crazy, or if it does, it barely charges a 12-volt deep cycle battery. All I can give this wind turbine is a 2-star. Greg


I don’t know what’s wrong with this wind turbine. It is working very well, or I should say spinning even with a wind speed of 5 mph, but it’s not generating power at all. At first I thought I made a mistake in setting it up, so I disassembled it and set it up again. But the results are the same, no power. I will have to return it, but I don’t know if I can get my money back. This product does not deserve even a 1-star, but I’m giving it anyway. Warren


It’s very windy in where I live in west Texas, so I decided to try installing a wind power system. I was drawn to this ALEKO wind turbine because of its promised 25 amps or 300 watts. I’ve had this wind turbine for over a month now, but the most I got from it is 1 amp and hardly ever generates 12 volts.

Maybe a 2-star is all I can give it.


ALEKO is known for its quality products, but this 300 watt wind turbine with 6 blades appears to be a lemon. Even the respondents in our favorite forum have nothing good to say about it except perhaps its spinning ability.

We can’t give this turbine a rating higher than 1-star.


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