GudCraft 10W 15W Max Vertical Wind Turbine Wind Generator

GudCraft 10W 15W Max Vertical Wind Turbine Wind Generator

A poor attempt to packaging good quality. This must be what buyers have in mind for GudCraft 10W 15W Max Vertical Wind Turbine Wind Generator. We will look at the good, the bad, and the overall assessment for this product.

Vertical axis wind turbines are known for their longevity and manufacturers claim that they are quiet, efficient, and most economical for home use. Let’s see if this product possesses these qualities. We asked three respondents who have previously purchased the product and let’s see what they have to say – the good and the bad. And then we’ll provide an overall assessment. We found them on different forums we frequent.

Before we go there, let us first tell you a little about the product’s features. It offers balanced turbines and also ensures quiet operation. Perfect for battery maintenance and power source for remote lighting, laptops, communications equipment, and this is also one of the smallest wind turbines that can be used for your home, trailer, boat, business, or anywhere else where power is needed.

Now, let us go to the good and bad points of this wind turbine kit.

The Good:

“I use this for my small cabin and it does keep the battery powered and charged.” – Rick (Salt Lake City, UT)

“I liked that this product came in good packaging and did not have any damage when I got it.” – Pete (Mesa, AZ)

Our respondents recognize the packaging of the product and that it does serve its purpose for generating electricity from wind energy. Because of its size, it makes this product ideal as power source for remote cabins, trailers, businesses, or any location that doesn’t really require bigger turbine systems.

The Bad:

“It’s a waste of money! I regret buying this product. The worst part, it didn’t come with a manual on how to set it up so I had to figure out how to do it myself. Good thing I have a little know-how on how to put up home wind turbine systems.” – Ace (Los Angeles, CA)

“It didn’t’ come with instructions and that part was really frustrating. It was also heavy for its size and wasn’t balanced. It even got tipped over by a small gust of wind. Flanges need support and it took a lot of time to set up. Gudcraft is bad craft! Very good example of misleading statistics.” – Pete

“A good attempt for a home wind turbine system. Only it did not come with instructions and the materials didn’t seem to me like they were worth the price I bought them for. They were pretty much expensive for the quality I received.”

– Rick

Overall Assessment:

Based on the responses from our respondents, this product has more bad than good. We visited several forums and found that this did not also satisfy most of the buyers that previously bought this product. Ideally this would be a great product as a wind energy generator that would be perfect for powering up small to medium sized properties. This could still be a great product if the manufacturer does something about the flanges and the pillar and perhaps improve the overall quality to make it worth the price they’re sold at; also to make it efficient and economical like how it should be.

We give this product 2 stars out of 5.


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