GudCraft WG300 24-Volt 6-Blade 300 Watt Wind Generator with Charge Controller

GudCraft WG300 24-Volt 6-Blade 300 Watt Wind Generator with Charge Controller

The GudCraft WG300 24-Volt 6-Blade 300 Watt Wind Generator with Charge Controller is a popular low start-up wind turbine for homes, telecommunication towers, advertising signs boats, cabins and more. Thousands of this unit has been sold and are being used all over the world. Its popularity is the result of its continuous quiet operation and its clean aerodynamic lines. According to the manufacturer, this wind turbine generates more energy than any other similar wind turbines available in the market today.

Kenneth, Frank and Roy are our respondents who will review this product. In addition to giving us their review, they will also rate it from a scale of 1-star to 5-star. We will also give a straightforward evaluation of this GudCraft WG300 24-Volt 6-Blade 300 Watt Wind Generator and also rate it accordingly.

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About the distributor

The GudCraft WG300 24-Volt 6-Blade 300 Watt Wind Generator and is made by GudCraft. This is an online one-stop shop for wind turbines, solar panels, garden tools and accessories and other green energy items. The goal of GudCraft is to supply the market with these products at reasonable prices.

Product features

• Low wind speed model. The center pole is not included.

• This model starts producing the wind energy just from 5 mph wind.

• This is the latest design with 6 blades.

• Quiet in operation, Brushless alternator, 360 degree free rotation on the mounting pole

• Comes with integrated charge controller, instruction manual and 1-year warranty


Respondents’ reviews

I’ve always wanted to try wind turbines for my mountain retreat, but since I really have no experience with these devices, I balked at getting one. When the GudCraft WG300 24-Volt 6- Blade 300 Watt Wind Generator with Charge Controller came into the market, my wife finally convinced me to get one after our neighbor sang this product high praises. It arrived on time, and that was rather impressive. It took me sometime to have it mounted on a 6-meter tower I set up atop the cabin, but I noticed it started spinning immediately once it was put together. I had it connected to 2 12-volt deep cycle batteries arranged in a series, but after 2 days of continuous charging, the batteries were not yet fully charged. I think it is not producing the 300watts promised by the manufacturer even at very high wind speed. I have to consult my neighbor who thinks very highly of this wind turbine. The most I can give this turbine is 3.5-star. Kenneth


I already have two solar panels that are working superbly in generating power for the motor of my ranch’s gates. I realized I had to supplement them for the days when the sun is not at its best, so I decided on this wind turbine. Although it came without any instruction manual, it was no problem since it really was easy to install. True to form, it started spinning at low-wind speed but not at 5mph but at 8mph. This wind turbine is great for topping up the charge of the batteries running the motor, but as a standalone, it won’t generate enough power even when the wind is at a very high speed. I am willing to give this wind turbine a 4-star. Frank


I have no complaint. As claimed, this is a remarkable low start-up wind turbine, and it generates the promised 300watts at almost 35 mph. Good thing we get sufficient wind power here in West Texas. It deserves a 5-star. Roy


Our review

Gudcraft products, especially wind turbines such as this GudCraft WG300 24-Volt 6-Blade 300 Watt Wind Generator with Charge Controller are known for its high quality and good performance. It starts generating power at low wind speed and really produces the 300 watts promised. With the mixed reviews of our respondents though, as well as some negative comments we got from online resources, all we can give this turbine is a 4-star.


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