GudCraft WG400 400 Watt 12-Volt 6-Blade Wind Generator With Charge Controller

The GudCraft WG 400 400 Watt 12-Volt 6-Blade Wind Generator is a small-size, low wind speed wind turbine that starts at a wind speed of 5mph. it is a new design of wind turbine with 6 blades and comes with a charge controller.

We asked three respondents to review this wind turbine; they are Melvin, Daniel and Aaron. We will also provide our own evaluation of the product and rate it accordingly from a scale of 1-star to 5-star. You can compare this product with other wind turbines of the same category we have reviewed on this site such as the All Power America APWT400A 400-Watt Three Blade wind Generator.

About the distributor

This WG 400 400-Watt wind turbine is available on It is an online shop for wind turbines, solar panels, garden accessories and more green energy products. GudCraft has a commitment to provide these products at reasonable prices.

Product features

• Low wind speed model.

• This model starts producing the wind energy just from 5 mph wind.

• This is the latest design with 6 blades.

• Comes with wind charge controller, instruction manual and 1-year warranty from the purchase date



I got a little confused with the installation manual that comes with the unit, but once I got the hang of it, it was a piece of cake. I mounted it on top of the roof, about 45 feet above ground, and there is hardly any barrier around the perimeter of my house to obstruct wind flow. I used it to augment the power generated by my 2 solar panels when the sun is not out. It works very well as a trickle charger. I give this wind turbine a 4.5 star.


Sure it starts to operate at 5mph, but it starts to generate power only at a wind speed of 30 mph and only around 10 Amps for that matter, that’s only around 120 Watts, nowhere close to the promised 400 Watts. But, if the wind is steady it tops off my deep cycle batteries just right. I give this wind turbine 4-star. Daniel


This is a nice little toy, but not exactly the kind of device you should buy if you’re seriously thinking of going renewable energy. The power it generates is negligible, too little to really matter. All I can give it is a 3.5 star. Aaron


Our Review

This is an easy to install and a working wind turbine. As per claim of the manufacturer, it starts operating at 5mph, but only begins to generate power at 15mph, under the best condition, otherwise, you’ll need wind speed of around 20mph before you’ll get any power from it. As mentioned by one of our respondent, this is good as a trickle charger but you’ll have to wait days before you can fully charge an array of deep-cycle batteries. We give this wind turbine a 4- star rating.


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