Home Wind Turbine Generator 5-Blade 500W Max/12V – Low Wind Model

Home Wind Turbine Generator 5-Blade 500W Max/12V – Low Wind Model

This is a 5-blade low wind model of a wind turbine. The manufacturer claims that this 5-blade model has a better energy generation capability ( around 60{82e5879b62f9f0cbb622da6aeaafa5e16d37c32fcd77ff762e12cec7a1007225} more) in low wind conditions than the conventional 3-blade model. When it comes to high speed wind condition, the 5 blades of this turbine will significantly improve safety and reliability of the device while the low blade rotation speed will lessen the possibility of over speed control malfunction and lessen wind turbine noise making it more community-friendly. The blades of this turbine are made from high efficiency -Fiber Glass, and are designed aerodynamically to control themselves, reducing its speed automatically in high winds.

The manufacturer of this product has made many more claims on the quality and wherewithal of this wind turbine, so we asked three respondents in sites we frequent to give us their feedback. We will also review this home wind turbine based on wt up, quality, efficiency, and price.

About the manufacturer

This home wind turbine is manufactured by HY Energy Technology Co., Ltd. The company was established in 2001 and its factory can be found in Guangzhou City, China. It is a professional and trusted manufacturer of small wind turbines distributed around the world.

Product features

        • Innovative 5-blade design to maximize energy output at low wind conditions under 25 mph.
        • 60{82e5879b62f9f0cbb622da6aeaafa5e16d37c32fcd77ff762e12cec7a1007225} MORE energy output at LOW wind than 3-blade turbine
        • Reliable two-moving-part maintenance free design, Nearly silent operation
        • Controller Electric speed limitation, blade over-speed braking
        • Strong Neodymium magnet PMA, Nylon fiber composite blades


I bought this wind turbine early last year and hooked it up with the solar panels I’m using since we do get reasonable wind here in Orlando. It was easy enough to install. Between my 2 solar panels and this wind turbine, my electric bill has been considerably reduced. I alternate between the solar panels and the turbine in charging 2-deep cycle batteries that power my home. And it’s true, even at a low wind speed, this turbine produces power.

Henrico, ( Orlando, Fla)

This is our first experience of a wind turbine. Although it looks like a toy (according to my young son), it is a very efficient toy, and easy to set up too. We use it to trickle-charge a marine battery that we use for our boat. We get an average 10mph wind speed, so the turbine is really doing a good job.

Jean ( Providence, Rhode Island)

If you live in the city, this is the ideal wind turbine for you. Your neighbors will never complain about noise because it hardly makes any sound as it spins even at very high wind speed. And it even has its own break that self regulate the spinning when the wind is blowing strong. It starts spinning at a 5mph wind speed, but produces power only when wind speed is around 10mph. Once it gets started though, it gets going.

Howard ( Virginia Beach, VA)

Let’s star evaluating the qualities of this wind turbine.

Set up

Facility of set up is one important feature in wind turbines. You can have the most sophisticated and efficient device but if it’s complicated to set up you might need to pay extra to have it installed before you can take advantage of that efficiency. Both Henrico and Jean did mention that’s this5-blade wind turbine is easy to set up.

We’re giving it 4.5-star for set up.



All our three respondents are convinced about the ability of this wind turbine to produce electricity. We do agree with the three of them, based on our research, this home turbine is highly efficient and generates electricity even at a low-wind speed, and especially wind a good wind. If you’re considering buying a wind turbine, efficiency is a major factor that should be considered. The blade over speeding break is a great feature that controls the spinning speed of the blades, ensuring high efficiency and operational reliability.

For efficiency, we give this 5-blade wind turbine4. 5-star.



When we speak of quality we think of technology, design and material used to produce the product that will ensure durability and dependability in spite of usage diversity. With this 5-blade wind turbine, customer will surely get a product of superior quality. The blades are made of high quality nylon fiber glass; the generator is built with the use of rare earth neodymium permanent magnets making the alternator compact and lightweight but with superior power producing efficiency; unique multi-pole and winding design that reduce the alternator’s startup torque; and electric over-speed control technology to prevent mechanical furling. This wind turbine is definitely designed to function in diverse conditions such as marine usage, salt and sand corrosive environment, and harsh weather condition.

For quality, we give this wind turbine 5-star.



There are other wind turbines with 500watts rated power priced cheaper than this 5-blade wind turbine, but with the quality and efficiency of this product  is not so much to pay. Consider it a good investment that will give you a good pay back after several years in reduced electricity bill. The ease of installation also means that you don’t need to shell extra dollars to have it installed professionally.

For price, we give this product a 4-star.



This Home Wind Turbine Generator 5-Blade 500W Max/12V – Low Wind Model is a good buy for its price. it is of very good quality, highly efficient , reliable and easy to set up.

Our overall rating for this product is 4.5 star.


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