NPower Complete 1800 Watt Wind Power Package – Wind Turbine, Batteries and PowerHub – A Northern Exclusive!

NPower Complete 1800 Watt Wind Power Package – Wind Turbine, Batteries and PowerHub – A Northern Exclusive!

The product under review on this page is a complete wind power energy package from NPower. The all-inclusive package is expected to produce 1800 watts of power that can either be stored or delivered to a home or cabin for a variety of applications for marine or inland locations. The package contains 1 wind turbine with generator, an inverter/charger, an 1800 power hub, and two-12 volt batteries among others.

About the manufacturer

NPower is a company that offers unique and excellent alternative energy solutions comprising of wind turbines, inverters, solar panels, and solar and wind power packs at very affordable prices.

Product specs

* 1 800 watt turbine made of aluminum alloy with nylon and fiberglass blades for durability
* includes MPPT charge controller which reduces overall system maintenance and prolongs battery life
* 1 (Xantrex) powerhub 1800 included
* Modular design allows user to add more battery capacity
* Combines an inverter/charger that, with batteries that can store up to 400Ah of energy
* Automatic transfer switch ensures seamless transfer of electrical loads to backup batteries
* 4 AC outlets
* Can be hardwired into a home’s AC power system
* 2 12V, 110 Ah UPG AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries included that are shock resistant and maintenance-free


“If you’re looking for a renewable power system that will reduce your dependence on the grid, I highly recommend this wind power package. It can be a stand-alone or grid tied, and can be coupled with additional wind turbines, solar panels or portable generators, thanks to the awesome power hub. You can even add more batteries according to your needs. It comes complete with everything that you need to have it running and operational even at a low 4mph wind speed.”

“We live in windy Brockton, MA, a place ideal for wind turbines. My neighbor bought this wind system package and his success in reducing his power bill since he started using it encouraged me to get one also. I was not disappointed since it live up to expectation and more. I had it professionally installed since I am totally ignorant about anything electrical. It added to my cost, but it was worth it. It runs perfectly and seamlessly. The turbine captures the energy of the wind even at low wind speed, and I store the power in the 2 batteries that come with the package for backup power.”

“This deserves ZERO stars. Could never get the inverter to work without an error code quickly shutting it off. I had an electrician hook it up and even he said it was defective. But try calling Schneider electronics! HA! They send you to a special department that is just a voicemail and NO ONE calls back. ” Nichole

Two customers are convinced this is a good product but the third shows that customer support may be an issue.  We’re going cautious on this one and giving it 2.5 stars.With a purchase this big support is a must!


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