All Power America APWT400A 400-Watt Three Blade Wind Generator

Today we’re reviewing the All Power America APWT400A 400-Watt Three Blade Wind Generator. This portable wind turbine can produce 400 Watts at a wind speed of 29 mph, can survive a wind speed of 112 mph and can be hooked up with a 12-volt battery and inverter to produce utilizable electricity for electronic devices. The manufacturer, All Power America, claims that it can deliver from 92% to 97% efficiency.

We’ve received feedback from 3 users of this product Kevin, Ryan and Lloyd to review this product. They will share with us their personal experience of this wind turbine and will rate it in a scale of 1-star to 5-star. We will also provide you with our own assessment of the qualities of this turbine.

About the manufacturer

All-Power America, LLC established in 2005 is headquartered in Chino, California, but its production facilities are located in Shanghai, China. The company designs and produces power tools and equipment for sale and distribution in North America. Its products include air compressors, digital generators, gas pressure washer, generators, electric pressure washers and power tools.

Product features

            • Comes with an MPPT turbine controller
            • Portable, but could be mounted with on 1 ½ – inch pipe or on rooftop
            • Maximum survival wind speed of 112 mph
            • Can be hooked up directly to an inverter and 12-volt battery to produce utilizable power for electronic devices
            • Produces a maximum 400Watts at a wind speed of 29 mph

Respondents Review

“The All Power America wind turbine is a terrific product. For its price, it delivers the promised power when the wind is blowing, and with my batteries, I can store power for future use when there is no wind. “ Kevin

I give this product a 4.5 -star rating.


“I bought this wind turbine to supplement my solar system, and both solar and wind system work compatibly to provide my mountain cabin with electricity anytime my family and I, including my friends come to stay any time of the year.” Ryan

I give this product a 5-stars rating.


“This is exactly what I wanted. It works all day long as long as there is wind, and allows me to charge my deep cycle batteries for my lap top, and other household appliances. I haven’t checked how much I’ve saved on my electric bill so far since I only had it a less than a month, but I am sure I’ve made a substantial saving.” Lloyd

This wind turbine deserves a 5-star rating.


Our Review

This product is reasonably a highly efficient device that could provide alternative power for you. The price is also very efficient. During our research a few users had defective units so quality may be an issue at times. We haven’t found very much information on the durability. However, given the price point for this unit and the response to our inquiries we feel this product if an effective wind turbine that can meet your needs for a very affordable price in the 400 watt range.

We give this product a 4.5-star rating.


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