Sunforce 45444 600W Wind Turbine

The Sunforce 45444 600W wind turbine can produce power day and night. It can charge a bank of 24 Volt or 12 volt batteries to aid in operating electronic and electrical appliances. The Sunforce 600W which has a low wind noise can serve as a back-up or remote power, the source of power for small cabins, in addition to being a battery charger. It has been created for a low maintenance and DIY installation since it was produced with a weatherproof industrial design. The product includes a Maximum Power Point Tracking Charge Controller for maximum power output to optimize battery health and charging capacity.

As with our other products on this site, the Sunforce 45444 600W Wind Turbine will be reviewed by three of our respondents from popular online forum. They are Allen, Harris and Jason. They will give us their honest opinion as to the quality and performance efficiency of this product and will rate it from a range of 1-star to 5-star, a 5 being the highest.

About the manufacturer

Sunforce wind turbinesare manufactured by Southwest Windpower which was founded in 1987. The company is dedicated to the production of dependable small wind generators that can be used to generate power to complement PV solar panels or as a stand-alone. The company possesses the technology, product and the expertise to meet global demand for renewable energy.

Product features

• Charges both 12V and 24V battery banks

• Ideal for remote locations, cottages and backup-power needs

• Operates in wind as low as 4MPH

• Weatherproof industrial-strength design with low noise fiberglass blades

• Includes: turbine, (3) blades, a safe and highly-efficient MPPT charge controller for optimized charging,      hub, vertical tail, nose cone, amp meter, screw pack, replacement screw pack

Respondent Reviews

“By following the installation instruction to the letter, setting-up this wind turbine was a piece of cake. But, waiting for it to generate power was a bit of a letdown. In windy Quincy, Massachusetts where we live, you would think that this Sunforce 600 W wind turbine will perform quickly and efficiently. To my dismay, even when the blades were spinning at 4mph, it only started charging, at a trickle at that, when the wind speed rose as high as 10mph. it needs a sustained strong gust of wind of with a speed of from 30 to 35 mph to really get it going. All I can give this wind turbine is a 3.5- star.” – Allen


“If you asked me to review the Sunforce 600W immediately after I had it set-up which was a year ago, the manufacturer will not like what I have to say at all about their product. But a year of usage made me more familiar on how to get the most out of my toy (this is what my wife calls this wind turbine). I use this wind turbine to supplement the power generated by 2 solar panels on my cabin in Lubbock (Texas). I added another 10 feet to the original 25 feet tower, and now it is working as a beautiful complement to the solar panels. I give this wind turbine a 4.5-star rating.” -Harris


“I’m not happy at all with this wind turbine. After several attempts, I finally had the pole where I had it mounted standing, but keeping it stable took more back-breaking labor. Once I had it installed to my satisfaction, the wait for it to produce electricity was again such a disappointment. This product does not justify the claim of the manufacturer. If it produces electricity at all, it does so in trickles even when the wind speed is already 15mph, not at all the 600W promised at 4 mph as promised. I give this wind turbine a 3-star” – Jason


Our Final Review

The opinions of several more people we surveyed are similar to those of Jason and Allen. Upon doing more in-depth research, we learn that with a wind speed of 4mph the rotors or blades will start to spin, but not necessarily generate electricity. It needs a stronger gust of wind for it to start charging. Even when the wind speed is a consistent 30-35 mph, all it can produce is a maximum of 300Watts. We too are giving the Sunforce 45444 600watts wind turbine a 3.5-star.


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