Windmax HY400-3 450 Watt Max 12-Volt 3-Blade Residential Wind Generator Kit

 Windmax HY400-3 450 Watt Max 12-Volt 3-Blade Residential Wind Generator Kit

Homeowners that want to have their own wind turbine systems at home must be looking for a product that’s not only built with high quality but efficiency as well and not to mention economical. Small wind turbines are what most homes need and one of the best in the market right now is Windmax HY400-3 450 Watt Max 12-Volt 3-Blade Residential Wind Generator Kit. This product brags itself for being one of the well built small wind turbines available today.

Let’s see what our reviewers have to say about the product. We asked three respondents, that we found on different forums we frequent, to give their feedback to help us out with this product review. We will evaluate the product based on setup, quality, efficiency, and price.

Our respondents say:

“I am very happy with this product. Not bad for my first wind turbine kit at home. It’s very easy to set up and it works efficiently with very low noise and vibrations. I bought this as reinforcement to my solar panels since there’s quite a lot of wind in our area. This turbine helps reduce my electricity bill. I think quality of this product is really good and they will surely last for a long time. For the price I got this for, this is definitely a good investment. I plan on buying another one soon.” – Russ (Sta. Fe, CA)

“Let me tell you first what I like about this product. I like that this helps reduce my bills and it’s very efficient in generating power from wind considering its size. I don’t have to worry so much on high wind conditions because of its braking system. It automatically adjusts to reduce rotational speed during strong winds. I’ve had this product for two years now and I’ve no complaints so far. Easy to set up, easy to maintain, and efficient. It’s still in great condition after two years.”

– Fred (Colorado Springs, CO)

“If you’re looking for quality and efficient small wind turbine kit, this is the product for you. Some may find this product a bit expensive but this is surely a great investment. I’ve had my HYenergy wind turbine since 2009 and it’s still doing a great job. You will still need to buy wire and inverter or batteries but everything this product comes in is good. If you want to install a small wind turbine kit at home, this one would be a great and excellent buy. You also don’t need to be highly technical to set this up. Hope this review helps.” – Rolf (Amherst, NY)

Now, let’s talk about setup. Based on our respondents, this wind turbine kit is easy to set up and it is a good thing. A lot of home wind turbine systems may give you a hard time setting them up and if you’re not technically skilled, you will definitely have a hard time putting the equipment together. With an easy-to-set-up wind turbine like this product, putting up one will be a breeze.

For setup, we give this product: 4.5 stars.


On quality:

Great quality can be expected from this product. As for Rolf, he’s had this wind turbine kit since 2009 and that’s really a long time. If this product can last for years and is also not high maintenance, then this is a good investment for anybody who wants to make use of the renewable energy sources like wind. There’s also no false advertisement nor misleading statistics with this product because you get everything they’re selling in this kit. With its great features such as advanced electromagnetic over speed control, aerodynamic blade speed limitation, solar/wind dual output capability, advanced airfoil designed blades made from mixed nylon and reinforced fiberglass, and high strength, expect the best from this small wind turbine system you can install at your homes.

We give this product: 4.5 stars for quality.


On efficiency:

Another important thing any buyer or customer must consider in getting a wind turbine kit is efficiency. This wind turbine makes a lot of power especially when good wind is blowing. It also has a controller with built-in shut off switch in case of high wind conditions to reduce rotational speed. That’s electromagnetic and aerodynamic technologies integrated to assure you of this product’s reliability and efficiency. From low to high wind conditions, this small wind turbine system can definitely keep up.

For efficiency, we give this product: 4.5 stars.


On price:

For a product, this is an excellent investment for the long-term. Like most good or high quality and efficiency products, you will need to spend some amount during installation but the returns are amazingly cost-effective. For the quality, efficiency, and reliability this wind turbine offers, you’re getting more than what you pay for. It is always advised to buy products with high quality at a fairly reasonable price than to get something very affordable yet it fails on quality and performance.

We give this product: 4 stars on price.


Overall Assessment:

Overall, this home wind turbine system performs big time for its size. Getting a product that offers reliability and performance that comes with great quality at a reasonable price, this one is undoubtedly a great buy. Installing generator kits for renewable energy sources can be costly and it is good to know that there are small wind turbine systems we can have at home that doesn’t have to be super expensive and difficult to set up. Not all customers are highly technical and for a product like this that is easy to install, this is one of those small wind turbines in the market that has the edge. This also gives amazing long-term returns on investment, as it will help you reduce or even eliminate your electricity bill.

Overall, we’re giving this product: 4.5 stars.


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