Windmax HY600-3 750 Watt Max 24-Volt 3-Blade Residential Wind Generator Kit

Windmax HY600-3 750 Watt Max 24-Volt 3-Blade Residential Wind Generator Kit

The Windmax HY600 is a wind turbine that is a well-built, reliable, efficient and cost-effective small wind turbine. The Windmax HY wind turbine system is a smart investment for a renewable energy built on advanced technologies.  It defines a new level of superior reliability and performance in the small wind turbine industry that features a maintenance free design, consistent performance and high reliability. This results in greater energy production yield for all wind speeds and lowest ownership cost. The Windmax HY series has improved performance and is reliable with its electromagnetic speed limitation supplemented by aerodynamic speed limitations by blade deformation. It employs electromagnetic braking combined with aerodynamic braking for the reduction of rotational speed of the generator in high wind condition.

These are descriptions of the manufacturer which our respondents Benny, Vince and Leo will prove or disprove depending on their experience of this wind turbine. In addition to an evaluation of the performance of this product, our respondents will also rate it, in the same manner as we will rate and evaluate the Windmax HY 600.

About Windmax

HY Energy Co., Ltd. Of China is the manufacturer of the Windmax HY600 while Windmax Green Energy Corp. of Plano, Texas is its distributor. HY Energy Co., Ltd. is involved in the design, manufacture, application, and distribution of small wind turbines. The company has the expertise in the manufacture and export of wind generators and 477 more products.

Product Features

– 750 Watt Max/600 Watt Rated
– Pole not included
– Wind turbines include generator, blades, controller and screws/bolts
– Maintenance free
– Greater energy production yield for all wind speeds and lowest ownership cost

Respondents’ reviews

“I was enticed to buy this wind turbine because of its glowing product description. We live in windy Cleveland, and I was hoping this wind turbine will add more power to my solar panels which I use to charge a bank of batteries that  lit up the perimeter light of my property at night. When it was newly installed, it was spinning like mad, but barely generates power, at least not the 30 amperes promised by the manufacturer. Even after several months of use, the wind turbine hardly generates 20 amps.  I’m truly disappointed. A 3-star is all that I can give this wind turbine.” -Paul

“I’m an advocate of renewable energy that’s why I have solar panels, and wind turbines, the HY 400 and HY 1000, and this time I got this Windmax HY 600. Is it obvious that I’m a fan of HY products? My satisfactory experience with the HY 400 and 1000 made me buy this HY600 to add to my “collection.” I’m not disappointed! It performs as promised and generates enough power to keep 8 batteries fully charged together with the solar panels and 2 other wind turbines. I give this product a 4.5 score for performance” – Vince

“I don’t know if there’s something wrong in the way I mounted this wind turbine. It spins like crazy when the wind is strong, but it only reaches a power generation of 10 amps max. All I can give this wind turbine is 3-star”. – Leo

Our Review

The Windmax HY600is a small turbine, and Leo and Paul are correct, it also produces small power that hardly touches the 30 ampere maximum generation guaranteed. But the promised low start-up speed of 4.5 mph and low-wind speed operation is realized and in fact there is no problem with the operation of said wind turbine. But one advantage of the Windmax HY600 is its capability to use wind and solar power, a big plus. This product though does not include a solar panel. It has to be bought separately.

We give 3.5-stars to this product.


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