Sunforce Air X Marine Wind Turbine

Sunforce Air X Marine Wind Turbine ReviewThe Sunforce Air X Marine Wind Turbine is the most sold small wind turbines for sailboats in the world. One of its features is a new microprocessor based technology that accounts for lower flutter noise from the unit, greater reliability, enhance battery charging capacity, and improved performance. The controller of the turbine allows for the wind’s peak-power tracking by making the most of the alternator’s output on every point of the cubic curve and efficiently delivering the power to the battery. It is a smart controller that controls blade rotation speed and as a result eliminates the buzzing noise that is normal or common with nearly all small wind turbines.

Andrew, Marcus and Leon will review this wind turbine in addition to our own review. We will rate it from a scale of 1-star to 5-star, with 5-star as the highest rating. On this site we have reviews of similar products such as the GudCraft WG400 400 Watt 12-Volt 6-Blade Wind Generator With Charge Controller.

About the manufacturer

The Sunforce Air X marine wind turbine is manufactured by Southwest Windpower, a manufacturer of wind turbines based in Flagstaff, Arizona and was founded in 1987. Southwest Windpower specializes in small battery charging wind generators that can be used to supplement the energy supplied by solar panels in rural areas.

Product features

• Acid etched castings double coated with marine grade powder coat for superior protection from the environment

• Tuff-Gel coated fasteners to prevent seizing of components

• The turbine’s smart controller allows it to actually control blade rotation speed thus eliminating the buzzing noise commonly found with most small wind turbines.

• High Wind Safe Mode – automatically slows turbine in potentially damaging winds. Reduces noise and distractions for peace-of-mind when on or off your boat

• Auto-brake feature that slows the AIR to a silent spin when the batteries are charged, thus extending bearing life and eliminating noise


Respondents’ and other product user reviews

“I bought this wind turbine to provide add-on power to 4 solar panels I use to charge the deep-
cycle batteries in my beach house. I get a good wind speed on the beach, and this turbine is a good alternative when the sun is not out. It needs a start-up wind speed of 8mph, and when wind speed is at 28mph or higher, it generates at least 400w, good enough to top -off the battery charge. Another thing I like about it is its sturdy built. I give it a 5-star. ” – Andrew

“If you need a wind turbine to power a sailboat, I highly recommend this Sunforce product. It is made to withstand the gusty wind out at sea and has automatic blade control when it gets too rough. For me this wind turbine deserves a 5-star.“  – Marcus

“This is my first effort towards wind energy and I’m glad, it’s with this Sunforce Air X marine wind turbine. The manufacturer’s spiel said that it’s the best wind turbine for sailboats, but I use it as trickle battery charger for my motorcycle. Mounted around 40 feet above the ground, it gets enough wind speed to provide 40Kw. I won’t hesitate to give this wind turbine a 5-star.” – Leon

Our Review

The Sunforce Air X Marine Wind Turbine is the world’s best-selling wind turbine for sailboats, this is the claim of the manufacturer and concurred with by our respondents. Southwest Windpower has a reputation of manufacturing effective/efficient, durable and good quality small wind turbines for all kinds of application. The Sunforce Air X Marine is a good example of the reliable products they are proud of. We also give it 5-stars.

Sunforce Air X Marine Wind Turbine
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