TALON2 2KW Home Wind Turbine System Grid-Tied

The TALON2 2KW Home Wind Turbine System Grid-Tied is the product under review in this page. It generates 2kw power at a wind speed of 20mph. Maximum output is estimated at 2.4 kw with wind speed of 25mph. This generator can be tied to a grid, and the power generated is fed back to the grid to get a payback from the power company or to get a net metering to reduce the user’s power bill. The wind turbine system includes the wind turbine assembly, inverter, mono tower and rectifier box.

Again, we have respondents who will evaluate the quality of the product and determine if all the claims of the manufacturer with regards output capacity and other features can be proven. Unfortunately, we only found two respondents who have something meaningful to share about their experience of this product: Greg and Leo. They will rate this product on a scale of 1-star to 5-star, 5 being the highest. We will also give a straightforward evaluation of the product according to the views and opinions we will gather from other forums and rate it accordingly.

About the manufacturer

This product is manufactured by A&C Green Energy Inc., a company that specializes in the manufacture, marketing and integration of small wind systems in six continents particularly in Asia, North and Central America, Europe, Africa and Australia.. The company’s wind turbines are installed in all parts of the world, and this is made possible because their wind turbines do not contain parts needing habitual maintenance.

Product Features

          • Start up at 4.5mph, kick in at 8.5mph, rated at 20mph and safe wind speed 112mph. Peak power 2.4kw.
          • Reinforced fiber glass blades. Rotor diameter 13 feet.
          • Applicable for grid-tied applications.
          • Reduce your electricity bill in half or eliminate your electricity bill.
          • CE and UL listed and ISO 9001 certified. 5 Year Warranty

Reviews From Respondents

“They say that this wind turbine is a best seller, so I had to order 1 fast for my property in Arizona. I had it installed and grid-tied with our local power company, and in a month’s time my power bill has been cut by half, not bad, not bad at all. I rate this product a 5-star.” Greg


“I don’t know what’s wrong, but this wind turbine is not spinning as fast and generating the output promised even when the wind is blowing good. A guy from the local electric company came to visit and check my system because he said power is not flowing back to the grid as expected. He thinks it has to do with the installation, which I did on my own. Now, I have to spend more to have it re-installed. For now, all I can give this wind turbine is a 3-star rating.” Leo


Our Final Review

The TALON2 2KW Home Wind Turbine System Grid-Tied is fairly new on the market, added to it is the fact that this product is a bit pricey for the average household. These are the reasons why it was not easy to find people who can share their experience about this product. But, all told, this grid-tied wind turbine is a great way to reduce a household’s power bill although the initial investment is quite high even after the federal and state incentives. We are giving this product a 4-star rating.


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