Five New Wind Farms Increased America’s Wind Energy Capacity

According to a most recent update report on Energy Infrastructure from the Office of Energy Projects of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), wind power supplied 68.41% or two thirds of the new electrical generating capacity of the United States in October of 2014. This development is due mainly to five wind farms that came on line recently in Texas, Nebraska, Michigan, Kansas, and Colorado which accounted for new capacity of 574 MW.

Furthermore, there were five solar units with 31 MW and seven biomass units with 102 MW that were activated. These accounted for 3.69% and 12.16% respectively of new capacity. Three units of 132 MW natural gas accounted for the remaining 15.73%. In addition, in the past ten months renewable energy such as wind, solar, hydropower, geothermal and biomass contributed the bulk of new electrical capacity in the US for the 8th time. In the other 2 months, April and August, Natural gas was number 1.

Since January 1, 2014, 9,903 MW of new generating capacity was derived from all sources. This included 34 units of wind generating 2,189 MW, 208 solar power units with 1,801 MW, 45 biomass units for 241 MW, seven hydropower units for 141 MW and five geothermal units for 32 MW. Totally, renewable energy sources provided 44.47%of new electrical generating capacity in the US in 2014.

The rest was contributed by 45 units of natural gas with 5,373 MW, 71 MW of 1 nuclear unit, 15 oil units  for 47 MW and other “6” units for  7 MW. In 2014, no coal capacity came into service. Consequently, in 2014 new renewable capacity is 37 times more than those contributed by nuclear, coal, oil combined.

In the US, 16.39%of the entire installed operating generating capacity is accounted for by renewable energy sources, larger than oil and nuclear combined. The 16.39% is made up of water (8.44%), wind (5.39%), biomass (1.38%), solar (0.85%) and geothermal steam (0.33%).

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